illustrator & 3D artist

Kiwis Can Fly is a student led project created for HeiHei at Massey University.

Kori the kiwi is determined to fly; with the help of his friend Moemoe the takahē, he believes he can cure his flightless-ness with a little kiwi ingenuity. A 3D animated series, Kiwis Can fly is aimed at kids and is aired online at HeiHei, TVNZ’s video platform for children, and can be watched here.

Concept Artist:
  • Worked closely with the Producer to develop a title that suited the tone and playfulness of the series.
  • Developed the background for the intro sequence.
  • Illustrated the title, taking it through various iterations.
  • Illustrated and animated the intro sequence.
  • Designed the poster, colorizing the characters.